The effect Synthetic Oil VS Regular Oil Challenge

The Result from Synthetic Oil VS Regular Oil Challenge

You have been told by friends and family members to use synthetic oil the next time you change your car motor oil. However, you see what good you can get from synthetic oil which is more expensive than the regular oil you used. Synthetic oil vs regular oil, which will give the best result for your car. Firstly, synthetic oil will cost you more to pay for it and the conventional seem to be a lot cheaper which will be good for your pocket. But will it be good for your car? In reality there are several good reasons why synthetic oil would be the best motor oil for your car.

The synthetic motor oil is created by human using synthetic material and this is much different from the regular oil which comes from petroleum base element. The bad thing about regular oil is the high level of impurities materials in the oil which cannot be discharge during refining process while turning it into motor oil. These impurities will be bad for your car engine in the long run. However, synthetic oil is clean from any impurities which will help your car engine to perform better and have a longer and healthy lifespan compare to car engine that uses regular oil.

Another positive factor to be considered when comparing synthetic oil vs regular oil is the extra addictives that are put in synthetic oil. This addictive will function as a performance booster for your car engine. The addictive will also protect your car engine from the negative effect of extreme temperature that the car engine has to face each day. The protection will enhance your car engine lifespan and you will see that your car performance getting better when you change you car oil from regular oil to synthetic oil.
In the synthetic oil vs regular oil, you will also find that your car will have a longer time to use the synthetic oil till the nest oil change. This is much different from regular oil which needs you to change the motor oil before it reaches 3000 miles. Synthetic oil only needs to be change if your mileage has reach between 3000 miles and 5000 miles. This will surely save you a lot of money compare to the time when you used regular oil.

If you think the prices of synthetic oil is to high compare to the regular oil, then you can try to search for synthetic oil coupons which can be found on the internet. You can search for the coupons by using the search engine such as Google and Bing. In matter of seconds you will get lists of websites that provide discount coupons for synthetic oil change. The coupons will give you a significant discount for the synthetic oil.

There are many positive factors that you will get from synthetic oil for your car compare to the petroleum based regular oil. If you still need more information on the matter, you can get it from the internet by using search engine and type synthetic oil vs regular oil.