The Fact About Synthetic Motor Oil

The Real Fact About Synthetic Motor Oil

The synthetic motor oil is made from chemical elements which are artificial. The artificial compounds have made the synthetic oil better than the regular oil which is petroleum based. Experts have declared that the artificial motor oil is more economical for vehicle owners to use compare to the regular motor oil. The synthetic oil also helps the engine to work better and help to prolong the lifespan of the vehicle engine. However, to some people the synthetic oil is seen as expensive motor oil without realizing that their assumption is incorrect.

The synthetic oil started to make it appearance in 1972 and slowly gaining it foothold in the motor industry. At beginning the synthetic oil was used for military purposes especially the air force. The productivity it can give had made experts to realize that the general public would benefit better from the use of the artificial oil. It has been said that the oil would help the general public to have better performing vehicles and also help to save financial spending on motor oil. It is also good for the environment compare to the regular motor oil.
Many car owners complained that the synthetic motor oil only flaw is the price. The prices for all brand synthetic oils are steep compare to the regular oil. And because of this the general public has been continuing using the regular oils. These people did not realize that using regular oil would only cause more problems to their vehicle engines. The impurities in the regular oil are the main reason which made it to have a lower performance and quality. Many did not realize that the synthetic oil need only to be change after 5000 miles of used. This is much different from the regular oil which needs to be change after 3000 miles of used. Therefore in long run the synthetic oil is cheaper than the regular oil. You can also use the synthetic oil discount coupon to help you save some money the next time you do an oil change.

It need to be known that the synthetic motor oil can give a better lubrication to the engine which will led to less friction and certainly would made the engine to work more efficient. The synthetic oil would provide better working environment inside the vehicle engine. The regular oil with it lack of quality would cause unexpected engine breakdown which will cost the vehicle owners more to repair the engine. The synthetic oil also will protect the engine from having any disruption during long journey because it did not have any impurities compare to the petroleum based products.

The synthetic motor oil was designed to be able to withstand higher heat temperature and as result of this the oil would have a longer life span in a car engine. It also has the capability to perform better in colder environment. The synthetic oil has proved itself to be better than the regular motor oil in any situations and environments. Therefore, for your car to have a better performance and life span, you should only choose synthetic motor oil.